Thinking of picking up some shares. Any suggestion?

Hi Folks, I am passive long term investor and was planning to buy few shares when the market is down. My approach is buy and hold. One of my friend suggested me to buy NICA. NABIL and SHIVM. Do they seem good long term investment? Are there better ones than these?

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  1. Gbbl, gbime, Shivam ( risk to reward is very high), Surya Jyoti, CBBL, Chcl, shikhar insurance, nifra
    It’s better to buy cheap and fundamentally decent scripts for long term holdings.

  2. Nabil is fine. Shivm is scary to be honest. Maile nikkai naramro time ma kineko vayera huna sakxa. Tara shivm chai recommend garna garo xa.

    Ahile j hos, kunai ni kinney ho vaneey coming 3-4 months ma profit nai hunxa teti darauna pardaina. Ahile nikkai low xa market, mathi nai janxa hola. Election sakkihalyo.

  3. Nica CAR is in comfortable position, might give dividend. And if they do it will be at 25-30.

    However, nrb will be putting counter cyclic buffer. Car requirements might go up.

    I’m saving for ghorahi cement


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