Group banayera trading sikaune bhanera fee uthaune chalan

Ajkal kehi testa afulai expert bhanne haru chan jo Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp haruma temporary group banayera, paisa uthayera newbie/layman haru lai groupma lyaune, sikaye jasto garne garda rahechhan. k yo legal ra ethical ho? yo samasya hoki hoina? ho bhane market manipulation ra yesma k farak huncha? Lou bhanidinu hola. yaha kasaile testo course liyeko cha? k tyo course le kunai help garyo?

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  1. Not only about Share Market Course, in other field like computer training, lok sewa preparation, the condition is same. They are making huge amount of money. Jhan ahile online bata nai training or class hunxa, ani payment pani online bata personal acc. maa halna lagauxan. I’m not sure if they pay tax. Because not every student ask for bill receipt for online.
    But at the end, if the students are happy to pay for the materials that are available freely in internet, then we have nothing to say.


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