Why Sarbottam , or any other wannabe public traded company for that matter, enforce a minimum cap on IPO applications?

*Since IPO is a instrument to assemble scattered capital for a company to finance its ventures, why would companies come up with minimum cap on applying for them then ? If it were to stem from the fear of undersubscription(which is the only reason i can come up with at the moment), then wouldn’t allowing the usual 10 kittas ensure increased investment encouraging the ones, who do not have much to invest, to invest whatever they have ? What is the rationale behind such a decision? May be some of the folks can drop their valuable insights on the matter and shed some light on the issue.*


[Ending Paragraph from https:\/\/\/newsdetail\/ipo-of-sarbottam-cement-opening-from-today-in-depth-analysis-of-company-performance-2024-02-25](

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