Will you buy Ghorahi Cement Industries Ltd at preimum?

Does the price tag of 435 justifies GCIL ? considering its EPS, projected EPS, net worth and Current Ratio of 0.87?

Also, there is news that they own shit ton of money to NEA. This justified Current Ratio. If purchased, can it be pumped and dumped?

Credit Rating[Ghorahi-Cement-Industires-Limited-Issuer-Rating-Assigned-and-Reaffirmation-of-Bank-Facilities-1.pdf (](

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  1. IPO ordinary people ko lagi Tah not a bad idea though the price is very high .

    If local ho vane , there will be a lock-in period of 3 years. 3 years is a long horizon if you are buying this company at 400s.

    Where do you see the market going in 3 years ? If you see the market being up in 3 years then local halda huncha, else huge risk


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