Worth Holding 10 shares for bonus?

I am new to stock trades but i have been filling IPOs for quite a while. I have couple of questions.

1. Do 10 shares give enough dividend/bonus to hold onto it or I should profit by selling it? I noticed API share increases during its book closing dates, if the price then is 300, is it sensible to buy shares just to get bonus? How much shares do I need to profit?
2. Hypothetically if CGH gave bonus should i hold onto 10 IPO shares I got or sell it if price peak during that time?
3. I was naive and bought debentures, can I sell or take out that money before 10 years(heard rumors it its for that long in general)? Its listed as NICADF.

Edit:- Thanks and the conclusion is sell my IPOs.

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  1. IPO vaneko hajar ko dui hajaar ho kehi navaye pani. So varne chahi garam vanxu. ASBA charge na lagne bank bata khata kholda ramro yesko lagi.

    10 kitta ma bonus chahi khasai aakarshak hunna unless microfinance. So peak ma bechidiyo ananda. 1 khitta thapina lai kamsekam 10% bonus dinu paryo. Natra 1 kitta navaye samma tyo adkera basxa. Kati kurne. Peak ma bechera sasto ma uthauna paixa baru. Cash divident ta jhan 10% diyo vane ni Rs100 matra aauxa. So not worth keeping it.

    Debentures sell garna milxa malai thaha vaye samma. Debentures ra closed ended mutual funds haru. Dherai kitta xa vane bechna alik time lagla. But bikxa.

  2. Holding onto 10 kitta for bonus and dividends is not worthwhile especially for hydro..a better thing to do would be to sell IPOs when its at its peak and invest that money into stocks which give better dividends

  3. Once the supply starts, sell immediately. Compare some stocks on the same sector and buy the one that’s cheap. Or you can just wait couple of days and buy back the share at cheap, you might get double the quantity you sold with the same money.


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