After successful merger, 8.02 crore unit shares of Himalayan Life Insurance (HLI) listed on NEPSE for trading.


The merger between Gurans Life Insurance Company Ltd. (GLICL), Prime Life Insurance Company Limited (PLIC), and Union Life Insurance Company Limited (ULI) has resulted in the creation of Himalayan Life Insurance Limited (HLI). The merger agreement was signed on Ashad 29, 2079, with a swap ratio of 1:1:1. After the merger, a total of 80,203,837 shares of HLI have been listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), making it the largest merger in the country’s life insurance sector. The individual shares of GLICL, ULI, and PLIC were 25,365,630 units, 23,428,550 units, and 31,409,657 units respectively.



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