Arun Valley Hydropower Announces 100% Right Share Issuance

Arun Valley Hydropower Development Company Limited (AHPC) has announced that the book closure date for its 100% right shares is set for the 15th of Magh, 2080. This means that only shareholders maintained until Magh 14 will be eligible to participate in the rights offering. The company plans to issue 100% right shares with a total value of Rs. 1.86 Arba by distributing 18,679,626 units of right shares to its existing shareholders. Currently, the paid-up capital of the company stands at Rs. 1.86 Arba. Following the adjustment for the proposed right share issuance of 1.86 crore units, the company’s paid-up capital is expected to double to Rs. 3.72 Arba.

Muktinath Capital Limited has been appointed as the issue manager for this offering. As of the latest information available, AHPC’s Last Traded Price (LTP) is recorded at Rs. 280.90.

In summary, AHPC is making a significant move by offering its existing shareholders the opportunity to acquire additional shares through a 100% right share issuance, thereby aiming to increase its paid-up capital to Rs. 3.72 Arba. The appointment of Muktinath Capital Limited as the issue manager adds a professional touch to the process, and the current market price of AHPC shares is Rs. 280.90.


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