Challenges and Prospects of the Newly Constructed Business Tower in Damak: A Critical Analysis

The recent unveiling of a multi-billion-rupee business tower in Damak by the government has ignited debates over its practicality, given reports of tepid interest from prospective commercial tenants. The towering edifice, standing 18 stories tall and spearheaded by CPN-UML chairman and former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, awaits its official inauguration amidst uncertainties surrounding its future occupancy.

Confirming the tower’s completion, Maniram Gelal, Secretary of the Ministry of Urban Development, affirmed its purpose to host commercial activities, with the topmost floors earmarked for sightseeing ventures. However, despite its meticulously designed infrastructure geared towards commercial viability, the premises have yet to witness any formal commitment from potential lessees.

Sudeep Poudel, the project manager overseeing Urban Development and Building Construction, acknowledged the absence of concrete initiatives for floor reservations, despite some informal expressions of interest. Presently, the tower predominantly serves as a backdrop for outdoor photography enthusiasts, with scant foot traffic observed indoors.

Nestled approximately 6 kilometers west of Damak Bazaar, concerns loom over the operational overheads associated with running businesses within the tower precincts. An official from the Urban Development and Construction Department shed light on the logistical challenges of conducting enterprises at a remove from the established market nucleus, hinting at diminished profitability prospects for prospective occupants.


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