Critique my portfolio distribution by investment

ADBL 3.63%
API 3.04%
BPCL 1.63%
~~CHCL 1.16%~~ liquidated
~~FMDBL 3.1%~~ liquidated
GBIME 4.83%
HBL 5.36%
KBL 3.98%
LBL 6.98%
MLBL 5.99%
MNBBL 6.5%
NABIL 5.87%
NICA 1.84%
NIMB 6.72%
NTC 11.5%
PCBL 4.64%
PRVU 7.18%
RHGCL 0.45%
SBL 7.23%
SRBL 8.28%

how would you reorganize this?

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  1. Everyone has different style of investment based on size of capital, risk, time horizon etc.

    For me I like my portfolio to be more concentrated. Etro diversify garne baye mutual fund kinera rakada easier imo. Too diversify gardena Market heavy bullish move garda ni teti big returns hunna.

    Secondly, Diversify Pani eutai sector-banking ma dherai bho.

    Saying all this it’s still good portfolio not at all bad, ramro companies cha long run ma you’ll make money. Long term ma bank le cash dividend diyo bhane ni ramrai aula.

    Sunrise ma che kina dherai ? Pe low ?


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