Portfolio Management Services (Individual/Institutional)

Hi, I need an experienced portfolio manager to invest my income, and manage my portfolio. I do not have the time to follow the stock market closely, and my investment decisions have had a bad result over the years.

Are there any portfolio managers here, or do any of you get advisory from any such services? I have a few milestones in mind, and need help from someone experienced to help me get there.

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  1. All capitals do. Sunrise capital, sanima capital. All banks have theirs find yours.
    Basically three tier system huncha.
    1. They take ur money and then 1 barsha pachi FD Rates plus 1% dincha. Least risky.
    2. they take your portfolio but u make decision. Theyll advise.
    3. They keep the portfolio and make the decisions barsha pachi u get return. More risk more return chance.

    Also if loss bhaye bhanay they don’t take commission. Otherwise assume 10% of profit.


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