Trading account ko bank account number change

Does anyone know the process for changing bank account number for trading account. Maile paila trading account kholda use gareko bank merge bhayo and account number ni change bhako cha.

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  1. Meroshare मा केहि दिन पछि आफै परिवर्त्तन हुन्छ. ब्रोकर लाई चाही फोन गरेर परिवर्त्तन गरि दिन भन्दा हुन्छ.

  2. You might need to visit your broker or give a call first. Secondly, if your mero share account might also need change. View your details and if there is any discrepancy, you might need to visit the respective Capital company. Capital company is associated with your Bank. For example, my capital is NIBL Ace Capital for Investment Bank.


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