Daily Discussion Thread (Wednesday – Jan 03, 2024)

Use this post to discuss what to buy/sell/trade/avoid/watch today and in the coming days.

As always, the rules still apply.

**Have a TMS or Meroshare issue? Query about EDIS or collateral? Ask here instead of creating another thread. All queries regarding TMS, MeroShare, Broker issues, EDIS, Settlement and Payments should be asked here.** >!DO NOT create another post.!<

BEGINNER? [**Go here first!**](


* what to buy or sell,
* or what bank to buy,
* or what insurance to buy,
* yo share kati samma mathi jancha hola
* IPO ma pareko yo share kun din bechda ramro hola, ajhai 1-2 din parkhine ki nai etc.

will be deleted. Repeat violators will be banned.

Happy Investing!

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  1. People who do not have much time to learn about investing, How do you invest? I used to do FD which did not require any knowledge, but its interest is quite low now, So i want to invest in stock, I have about 3 lakhs to invest right now, But there is much to learn about investing and selecting right stock, I will be learning them in with time, but how can I invest right now so that I get atleast 12% return in 1-2 year period? is there way which takes less time?

  2. broker no. 57 maa ko ko hunu huncha? dherai agaadi mero maa 1:4 ratio ko collateral thyo, ahile 1:1 matra cha? phone gareko, hamro maa ahile 1:1 matra xa bhanyo? aru koi xa 1:2 wa 1:4 hune?


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