United Mewa Khola Hydropower Enters IPO Agreement with Citizens Capital for “Mewa Khola Jalbidhyut Ayojana” Project”

In a ceremony held at Dillibazar, Kathmandu, United Mewa Khola Hydropower Limited officially entered into an Initial Public Offering (IPO) Issue Management Agreement with Citizens Capital Limited. The agreement, signed by Mr. Aashish Thapa, the Executive Chairman of United Mewa Khola Hydropower Limited, and Mr. Sabir Bade Shrestha, the CEO of Citizens Capital Limited, outlines the collaboration for managing the IPO.

Under the terms of the agreement, Citizens Capital Limited, a subsidiary of Citizens Bank International Limited, will take charge of overseeing the Initial Public Offering for United Mewa Khola Hydropower Limited. The IPO aims to issue ordinary shares to both affected locals and the general public.

United Mewa Khola Hydropower Limited is currently engaged in the development of its project titled “Mewa Khola Jalbidhyut Ayojana” situated in Taplejung District. This hydropower project is designed to generate 50 megawatts of power. The signing of the IPO Issue Management Agreement marks a significant step for United Mewa Khola Hydropower Limited as it progresses towards making its shares available to the public through the IPO managed by Citizens Capital Limited.


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