Decrease in Interbank Interest Rate Indicates Heightened Liquidity in Nepal’s Banking System

The banking sector in Nepal has recently witnessed a decrease in the interbank interest rate, indicating an increase in liquidity within the system. According to data provided by Nepal Rastra Bank, the interbank interest rate of banks has fallen below 1 percent. Specifically, on Ashad 27, the interbank interest rate remained stable at 0.83 percent.

In parallel, the average Cash Deposit (CD) ratio experienced a decline on Ashad 27, reaching 81.67 percent compared to the 82.11 percent recorded on Ashad 25. This decline in the CD ratio can be attributed to the infusion of an additional Rs. 23 Arba into the banking system.

As of Ashad 25, the total deposits held by banks and financial institutions amounted to Rs. 57.13 Kharba. By Ashad 27, this figure had increased to Rs. 57.36 Kharba. Moreover, the credit investment by banks stood at Rs. 48.51 Kharba.

Overall, these developments indicate a higher level of liquidity within the banking sector in Nepal, reflected by the decrease in interbank interest rates and the rise in total deposits. This increased liquidity provides potential opportunities for financial institutions to support credit investment and drive economic growth.


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