Discussion: Premium IPO issuing trend


  1. In an IPO issued at par, an investor is getting a profit-making company for a same price a promoter invested. Well that’s not fair at all isn’t it?

    An investor becomes eligible to reserves (past profits) for 100/ share while the book value is above 100.

  2. When there are willing buyers at premium price, why issue it at less? Yahi ho main karan. Public le reject garnuparyo premium IPOs. Premium ko IPO chitta nabujhne le nabharum na. Unsubscribe hos na, ani ta premium ma issue huna chhodihalchha ni.

  3. SEBON nai filili ghumne rahecha esara ma ani premium ma IPO kasle nikale pani hune rahecha.
    Nafa mulak company le ho bhancha khas ma IPO nikalne tara khai estai ho ani hami ta kota ma bharcham 50 kitta parcha.


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