Electricity Disruption Crisis: Dillichaur Hydropower Project Failure Leaves Hundreds in Darkness

Nearly 800 households in the district have faced a harrowing experience of being plunged into darkness for two consecutive days due to an electricity disruption. This disruption stemmed from the failure of the Dillichaur hydropower project to generate power, caused by a significant setback in its water supply system.

The halt in power generation was attributed to damage sustained by the canal feeding water to the hydropower plant, resulting from a landslide that impacted a 25-meter stretch of the canal. Since Sunday, residents have been grappling with the absence of electricity, highlighting the critical dependence of these communities on the hydropower project for their daily needs.

Krishna Bahadur Budha, Chairman of Vidyut Cooperatives, expressed regret over the situation, emphasizing the failure to address earlier notices regarding cracks in the canal walls. Technicians estimate the reconstruction of the damaged canal to require Rs. 600 thousand, underscoring the financial burden posed by the unforeseen disaster.

The affected households, primarily located in ward numbers 4, 5, and 6 of Patarasi rural municipality, have not only endured the inconvenience of living without electricity but also faced disruptions in the operations of government offices, banks, and financial institutions.

In response to the crisis, the rural municipality has allocated Rs. 300 thousand for the reconstruction of the hydropower canal. Purna Singh Bohara, Chairperson of the rural municipality, has assured residents that concerted efforts are underway to restore power supply at the earliest.


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