Himalayan Re-Insurance’s Net Profit Surges 99.73% on 154.65% Rise in Net Premiums; EPS Reaches Rs. 12.05

In the second quarter of the fiscal year 2080/81, HRL experienced a remarkable 154.65% rise in net premiums, reaching Rs. 1.99 Arba compared to the previous year. The company also demonstrated strong financial management by generating Rs. 47.32 Crores from investment income and other financial activities.

However, during the same period, there was a 50.90% increase in net claims, totaling Rs. 73.15 Crores.

Key financial indicators reflect HRL’s strong performance, with an annualized EPS of Rs. 12.05, net worth per share at Rs. 147.31, and a P/E ratio of 41.30 times, indicating the company’s resilience and promising financial outlook.



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