How can I utilize my travel card effectively?

I am planning to go abroad. Recently, I updated my travel card password through a Nepali ATM. However, I’ve heard suggestions about using it for point-of-sale transactions or online payments. When I mention POS, i believe it’s similar to making purchases at a local market, but I’m unsure about the process of sending money to someone without having to withdraw cash from an ATM. I hold a travel card with Sanima Bank.

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  1. Travel card- suggestion : use it to withdraw 500 or 1000 rupees before going abroad to ensure it works.

    Then once abroad, use it at point of sale to swipe and pay only. Using it to withdraw cash will only incur additional fees. If you are in the USA and are shopping at major chain/grocery stores you can definitely request a nominal cash out when you are buying groceries, getting an extra 20 or 30 dollars.

    You can not use it to send money to others using Nepal-issued usd travel card.


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