which trading strategy do you follow?

Let’s say you have three different sceneriao 1Cr, 50L, 10L.

1. how many sectors will you select with each of those capital in your hand?
2. how many stock per sector do you choose?
3. How are your purchases, all at once or incremental purchases of those shares, if so what percentage of capital do you deploy on what percent of fall/increase of market?
4. While adding more shares, do you add existing share with high loss share or low, to make the loss down, or add add new stocks?
5. do you always keep some cash in hand, what percentage?
6. If you see market falling even further and have to trade, do you get off of high loss share first or low one?
7. If you see market going up even further and have to trade, do you get off of high profit share first or low one?


want to see how other are trading, would really appreciate your input.

Have a nice day and happy trading.


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  1. 10L samma ma 40% hydro, 20% dev bank, 40% banks.

    50L ma 20% hydro, 30% bank, 20% micro, 20% dev bank, Remaining to Insurance and NTC

    1CR ma 60% bank, 10% micro, 10% hydro, 10% dev bank, remaining to Insurance and NTC

    Bank ma Majority ahile PE 15 vanda less vako ma invest garthe. Kehi thorai chahi Mhanago like EBL, NICA ma garthe. (All In ahile ko lachi chahi)

    Hydro ma trading ko laagi.(Partial and timely trades haru matra)

    Micro ma sasta ra dividend badhne matra ma 60%. 40% chahi mahango but ramro like Mahila, Nesdo, ANLB. (Sasto ma All In), Mahango ma partial

    Dev bank ma partial trade/ fallback as investment. J hos averagin garda hune stock linthe. (Trading ko lagi CORBL pani uthai rakthe,1 – 2 lakh ko)

    Aba trading ma ta I am a failed trader. So mero kurai nagaram.


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