How can we start financial independent retirement early (fire) movement in nepal?


  1. With such a disparity between regular job income levels and housing/land prices in Nepal, I don’t see FIRE working here in the traditional sense.

    What could work is
    * if you have a home/land already

    * if you have work for a company outside of Nepal that pays in $ or equivalent.

    * if you have cracked the code to get regular passive income.

    * and maybe if you want to live outside of the big cities

    I personally believe in having a stream/s of passive income to do FIRE. So would love to hear from all here what other sources could be there to earn passive income apart from the traditional stock market route.

  2. My two cents.

    For a person who doesn’t have parental properties to inherit, FIRE in Nepal for millennials or GenZ is very difficult, thanks to the poor economy. Obviously, YMMV!

    Investments in the equity market have a good history, but will the listed companies see the same level of growth business-wise as they did in the past (especially BFIs)? Bull-runs make us dream big, but it doesn’t last long, and not many people can reap the benefits to the fullest.

    Maybe I am a bit too pessimistic to see the silver linings as others do. Idk.

    Having said that I have come across a lot of people who are unaware of a lot of savings tactics, be it maxing out tax deductibles, buying VFM goods and services, etc. We could definitely start a community, and get the discussions going.

  3. There are so many who are planning like you do but they might not be discussing here perhaps grinding to achieve what they planned.

    FIRE requires identification of needs, wants, expenses and at the same time effective investment plans to grow your fund to sustain all your requirements post retirement.

    You could easily calculate the lump sum or equivalent you may require at the certain age from today on google sheets or excel and how long it will last depending upon your expenses, periodic withdrawal and investment growth.

    If you already have that much of lump sum, viola you may retire today given that you have proper investment plans in place. Otherwise grind hard to achieve it by the age you want to retire. If you live frugal, it will be easier for you.


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