If you earn around 2 lakhs a month, how much would you save, invest, and allocate for wants?

Say you earn two lakh every month. How much money would you save, invest, and allocate for wants like buying a car or a bike? I aim to earn this much in a couple of months and would really appreciate your opinion. And last question, do you think gold is a good investment in Nepal?

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  1. 1. Have an emergency fund that should cover at least 6 months( if you could then 12 months) worth of your monthly expenses. If you have lump sum now, do FD. Otherwise you can start Recurring deposite equivalent to your monthly expenses for 1 year. After RD maturity, put it on FD.

    2. Have a life insurance plan for yourself and medical insurance plan for whole family. Plan amount you want to cover, identify premium. Divide premium by 12 and start RD such that it matures before your premium payment date.

    3. Put your monthly expenses on saving account and use it as required on day to day basis.

    4. Identify your wants it could be for instance premium phone, bike, vacation, etc. Could be any thing. Allocate certain amount from your salary and save it and use it as per the requirement.

    5. Now, comes an important thing. Invest your money and let money do the work for you. You could allocate certain portion of your money for investment. You could invest on stocks, mutual fund, SIP, commercial property and real estates ( required huge money), gold (digital gold preferred but since we donot have here in Nepal, sometimes physical gold for hedging).

    5.1 Start SIP of certain amount monthly. You will appreciate the compounding you will have at the later stage of your life.

    5.2 Invest on closed ended mutual fund. (If you donot have expertise on stock market. Let experts do for you.)

    5.3 Invest on Stocks. Start with IPO, learn fundamental and technical analysis and start investing on few strong companies.

    5.4 If you want to own commodity as well, you could invest small amount on Gold as well not the jewelry but pure gold biscuits and coin.

    I didnot quote any percentage or figures because it totally depends on person to person.

  2. Gold is only good for wealth protection. That means it is used for lower the risk, but not really good for good return.

    Your question really depends upon your family structure. Are you married? do you have children? Are you sole bread winner? size of your family? your loan status?


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