How will the upcoming budget affect the stock market?


  1. There are rumors that NBL and RBBL are soon going to be merged into one. i have two questions on this, if someone can enlighten?
    #1 How does this affect the new merged Bank’s listing since RBBL isn’t listed;
    #2 How does this affect NBL’s pricing? Is this a good thing or bad for NBL’s investors?

  2. Very important budget this year. As the finance minister has been saying this budget will be focused in reviving the economy.

    The thinking is, opposite to last year’s budget this year will be more focused on improving manufacturing sector instead of importing of goods. And cutting spending on uncessary areas like for eg. Entertainment and useless gov offices.

    If the budget is more sensible and looks likely to help our country get out of recession/financial problems stocks will go higher.

    Sadly everyone knows howerever our government fails every year on budget implementation and maybe we will continue with our current challanges.

    All in all, I think as along as the budget is not as bad as last year’s the market will go higher at least in short term. But in the long run if we can’t actually implement budget plans properly market face challanges and stocks will eventually go lower.


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