Investment in gold better that Stock?


  1. Nepse on a good day you can make 13k in a day, on a bad day you can lose 13k on a day. 1mo timeframe is too short for both gold and nepse. Consistently several months ma yeti returns nikalera dekhauna na. Natra ma ni 2lakh ko stock kineko circuit hanyo ekdin mai 20k kamai vanera dekhaidinchu ni mula.

  2. If you know the tricks and if you learn the game properly, nothing can beat share market earnings. Manche haru le ghar bangla thadyaisake r chilla car chadchhan, thanks to share market.

  3. Both are different instrument,but I prefer Stocks because of how liquid it is,easy transaction,more volatile, analyzing comparison,etc..
    Gold chai 2022 ko October November ma kineko gold ma 50% jati profit xa,it also depends where you buy it gulf countries haru ma sasto raixa, koi xa bane kindeu banne.


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