Is IPO allotment totally random??

lagvag 2 years agi maile ra mero vai le ekai din bank account ra demat account open gareko theyau.


maile chai halka trading haru siknu paryo vanera secondary market ma buy/sell gari rako hunxu tara vai ko vane tye IPO varne matra ho ra aile portfolio ma IPO allotment vako shares compare garda malai jamma 5 ota company ko IPO allotted vako raixa and mero vai ko ma 11 ota total IPO allotted vako xa.


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  1. Roughly, the procedure of ipo is that firstly all the applications are arranged in some order, may be according to the queue. Every application is given number starting from 1 to n. Based on number of applications, an interval is calculated. Then on the day of allotment, there are balls from number 1 to 9 and one vall is selected randomly. The drawn ball is the first person who is alloted the ipo. Other lucky people are 9 plus the interval and so on. So its random in my opinion

  2. Ma 5 ota bata IPO bhar xu ra malai 10 ota company ko kunai ma pani IPO parena and aaile chahi kunai na kunai ac ma pari rako hunxa. Euta ma chahi aru bhanda badhi pari rako hunxa. So it’s random


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