Is SIP good for investing in Nepal

Well i found that SIP don’t need extensive research of market and it is relatively safe but what’s it’s condition in Nepal how safe is it or there is an good alternative

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  1. If you have clear goal and time period as u/Pretty_Ad351 mentioned his goal (Retirement and kids’ education) or need a large corpus of money, then you could definitely go for SIP. NIBLSF could be one option to look into.

  2. When i did my research, they supposed to give 15-20% dividend. but last time i received 7.2%. but i think it was because of Nepse itself going downhill. but if you want want to invest small amount of money each month, and reinvest the received dividend it is very good indeed. imo, it is a very good option and investment plan for long term.

    have a plan or goal for SIP. For example, I choose 25 years for me and my wife for our retirement. i choose 15 years for my kids college.

  3. I can’t say it is good option. If you have enough time to do market research, investing in stocks is best choice. That said, if you want to put small amount of money every month with discipline in long run you would get handsome returns.


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