Foreign Employment Reserve IPO. Guide lines are not clear

Can anyone provide information about foreign employment reserve IPO? Guidelines are no where to found. I called bank and capital they can’t provide any useful information. I get it I need to open an account and get CRN number but how?? Most of the bank don’t do online verification. Do they?

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  1. Apparently, we need to have remittance account and in that account, we must have send 50K in last 6 month. if we are to make new remittance account now, send 50k in next 6 months, only then we will be eligible for that reserved 10%. or at least that is the information i got from my bank and broker.

    But if you already have remittance account. and have sent at least 50k in last 6 months, you can call and ask for new CRN from your bank.


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