What are good sectors to invest in right now?

– Micro finance profits are heavily down – average of 40%.

– Commercial banks profit are also going to be significantly impacted from spread rate (if I am not mistaken)

– Finance – too risky?

– Hydro – don’t know enough.

Are there good sectors or companies that you feel are good to invest. Let’s discuss.

DOYR is great but discussion is also equally important.

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  1. My 2 cents:
    I think telecom is underrated.
    Also tech stocks for obvious reasons if there is any.
    I see good potential for them coz there are not much competition on that front and good future prospects.

  2. Why are you looking at a Bank’s short term profit when investing for long term….The economic conditions right now has impacted every sector….these conditions will not remain the same forever….The Hotel sector had huge losses in 2020 and 2021 and look how its has rebounded now….so think about the future not the present when investing


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