Lesson from Adani Case in Nepali Context

Recently, a report released on Adani Group by Hindenburg Research[Hindenburg Report Adani Group]( has revealed how there has been a price manipulation in Adani Stocks. One of the highlighted red flags Adani Group had was the company being very closely held and whatever share floated was being pumped to inflate Adani’s valuation. Similarly, there are many cases in Nepal – mostly in Hydro companies where promoters are manipulating prices for personal gains. Other companies, such as HDL, which also has high promoter holding (even in floated shares) are heavily overvalued. Please pay attention to such information while investing. Be aware of closely held and promoter manipulated shares. You do not want the share plummet to be a part of your portfolio. Do not blindly trust market suggestions recommending you to buy random stocks.

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  1. This whole issue raises a lot of questions: 1) Does Adani equal India at this point? 2) Were Indian courts corrupt when they gave him clean chit? 3) Was SEBI being pressurized by Modi to ignore complaints on Adani 4) If this is going to be fought in the US, will US index funds such as MSCI or Blackrock blacklist India if India’s system refuses to punish Adani? 5) If MSCI etc blacklist India from their funds, would India’s stock market suffer a >20% drop along with massive forex outflows? 6) Would Adani go to jail if India’s system succeeds at punishing Adani?

  2. Do you really think people trading in Nepse look for valuation or fundamentals??? all they care is which sector is going to get pumped…..Investing is a myth in Nepse right now…. everyone one is looking for that quick pump and dump…

  3. the fire has not even started yet NPL of all the commercial banks this quarter showing the future of banking sector in coming other two quarters 33 aarba total profit is completely getting wiped out more tha 60% in coming days there many lilami and big fall happening in nepal corporate history we are ever going to experience

  4. Don’t forget SHIVM promoters dumping.

    Nepse ma etike pani valueation jpt huncha. It’s already fucked most people at the end of last bull it most likely will be the same next bull unless there is better education about stocks and better regulations alongside more listing of companies so investor cash can be diversified better.


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