Life Insurance Companies in Nepal Achieve Remarkable Premium Collection of Rs. 61.75 Arba in the First Five Months of FY 2080/81

During the first fifth month of the fiscal year 2080/81, life insurance companies in Nepal achieved an impressive milestone by collecting a substantial amount of premiums totaling Rs. 61.75 Arba. This significant premium collection resulted from a cumulative total of 13,754,483 active insurance policies held by policyholders until the month of Mangsir.

A report published by the Nepal Insurance Authority reveals that Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Company stands out with the highest number of active policies, boasting 3,264,677 policies. Following closely is National Life Insurance Company with 1,579,259 policies, while Prabhu Mahalaxmi Life Insurance Ltd holds the lowest number of active insurance policies with 168,986 policies.

In terms of total insurance charges, Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited takes the lead with charges amounting to Rs. 16.76 Arba. National Life Insurance Company follows closely with charges of Rs. 7.16 Arba, and Life Insurance Corporation Limited with Rs. 6.92 Arba.


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