SEBON Approval: Ridi Power and Arun Valley Hydropower Set to Issue Right Shares for Expansion

“The Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) has given the green light to the rights offering proposals of two hydropower companies, Ridi Power Company Limited (RIDI) and Arun Valley Hydropower Development Company Limited (AHPC). Ridi Power Company plans to issue 50% right shares, totaling Rs. 77.44 Crores, equivalent to 7,744,506 units, to its existing shareholders. This move aims to fund the investment in the Tallo Balephi hydropower project of Sajha Power Development Company. The company’s current paid-up capital of Rs. 1.54 Arba will increase to Rs. 2.32 Arba after the adjustment of the proposed right shares. Muktinath Capital Limited will serve as the issue manager. As of the latest update, RIDI’s closing share price is Rs. 221.00.

Similarly, Arun Valley Hydropower Development Company is set to issue 100% right shares, amounting to Rs. 1.86 Arba or 18,679,626 units, to its existing shareholders. This move is intended to finance investments in the Likhu Khola Hydropower Project and repay loans associated with the Kabeli ‘B’-1 Cascade Hydropower Project. After the adjustment, the company’s paid-up capital will rise from Rs. 1.86 Arba to Rs. 3.72 Arba. Muktinath Capital Limited is appointed as the issue manager for AHPC. The current closing share price for AHPC is Rs. 236.60.”


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