Multipurpose Finance Company Allocates 35% Right Shares, Begins Refunds for Non-Allottees on Ashwin 16

Multipurpose Finance Company Limited (MPFL) has recently allocated 15,82,000 units of right shares to its shareholders on the 12th of Ashwin. For those who didn’t receive these shares, the company will begin refunding their money starting on the 16th of Ashwin, 2080.

This offering of 35% right shares by the finance company was open from the 10th to the 31st of Bhadra, 2080. These 15,82,000 units of right shares were issued to eligible shareholders at a par value of Rs. 100, utilizing funds from the paid-up capital, which was initially Rs. 45.20 Crores. Consequently, with the issuance of these right shares in a ratio of 1:0.35, the company’s paid-up capital will increase to Rs. 61.02 Crores.



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