Nepal’s 7-Month Trade Snapshot: Imports Dip 2.31%, Trade Deficit Narrows 1.77%, Exports Down 7.07%

In the initial seven months of the current fiscal year, spanning from Shrawan to Magh in the Nepali calendar, Nepal’s imports reached Rs. 8.97 Kharba, indicating a slight decrease of 2.31% compared to the corresponding period in the previous year, where imports totaled Rs. 9.19 Kharba.

During this period, the trade deficit has also witnessed a reduction of 1.77%, amounting to Rs. 8.11 Kharba in the current fiscal year, as opposed to Rs. 8.25 Kharba recorded in the same timeframe of the previous year.

Simultaneously, there has been a notable decline in Nepal’s exports, experiencing a 7.07% decrease. The total value of exported goods and services for the first seven months of the current fiscal year amounted to Rs. 86.83 Arba, in contrast to the Rs. 93.43 Arba worth of exports during the equivalent period in the preceding year. These statistics, derived from data released by the Customs Department, highlight the dynamics of Nepal’s trade performance, showcasing a nuanced interplay of import and export figures in the given fiscal timeframe.


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