Gold Prices Soar by Rs. 400 per Tola, Silver Up by Rs. 5: Market Trends on the Rise

The current day witnessed a notable rise in the price of gold, with a Rs. 400 increase per tola compared to the previous day’s trading value. As reported by the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association (FENEGOSIDA), fine gold is presently being traded at Rs. 1,18,400 per tola. This marks a Rs. 400 surge from the yesterday’s trading price of Rs. 1,18,000 per tola.

Similarly, Tejabi gold is available in the market today at Rs. 1,17,850 per tola, reflecting a significant increase of Rs. 850 in comparison to the previous day’s price of Rs. 1,17,450 per tola.

In addition to the surge in gold prices, silver has also experienced an upward trend, registering a Rs. 5 increase per tola. The current market rate for silver stands at Rs. 1,415 per tola, in contrast to the closing rate of Rs. 1,410 per tola recorded in the previous day’s trading. This signifies a positive shift in the precious metal market, with both gold and silver prices experiencing notable increments.


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