Reliable Nepal Life Insurance (RNLI) Lists 64,00,000 Unit Bonus Shares on NEPSE

Today, we are excited to share the recent listing of 64,00,000 unit bonus shares of Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Limited (RNLI) on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE). This development comes after RNLI’s successful 7th annual general meeting held on 29th Magh, 2080, where a significant dividend was endorsed for the fiscal year 2079/80.

During the annual general meeting, RNLI’s board of directors approved a generous 16.84% dividend for the fiscal year, demonstrating the company’s commitment to rewarding its shareholders. The decision was made during the 126th board of directors meeting on Poush 24, where it was decided to distribute the dividend on the paid-up capital of Rs. 4 Arba. This distribution included 16% bonus shares valued at Rs. 64 crore and 0.84% cash dividend amounting to Rs. 3.36 crore.

Following this announcement, the same bonus shares have now been officially listed on NEPSE, providing shareholders with increased liquidity and investment opportunities. As of the latest update, RNLI’s Last Traded Price (LTP) stands at Rs. 437.60, reflecting positive market sentiment and investor confidence in the company’s performance and future prospects.

This listing of bonus shares on NEPSE not only benefits existing shareholders by enhancing the value of their investments but also attracts potential investors looking for promising opportunities in the insurance sector. RNLI’s strong financial performance and strategic decision-making continue to position the company as a reliable and lucrative investment option in Nepal’s dynamic market.

Stay tuned for more updates on financial news and market trends as we continue to bring you the latest developments shaping the investment landscape.


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