Right share after demat of paper share?

I had paper share of UPPER of few years back and I converted to my Demat few days back and I tried to apply to Right share now, but its not showing up in **Apply for Issue** section in meroshare.

Does it take few days or i missed out on right share?


Note: Share was listed on Demat Pending till yesterday but its counted in Current balance now in Meroshare.

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  1. You had physical shares before the book closure date. So, capital jau ani thyai bata right share apply gara deadline extend vako xa, I dont think kai issue auxa. Vayena yah milena vane, kati kitta xa bechdeu ani paxi price adjust vayera ayesi kinda nih vayo, nakinda nih vayo, tmro ichya.

    EDIT: maile xai 600 ma bechera baseko ho hai!


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