Sarbottam Cement to Issue 27,76,076 Unit IPO Shares to Public from 13th Falgun

Sarbottam Cement Limited is starting its IPO of 27,76,076 shares from 13th Falgun, 2080. The closing date is on the 16th Falgun, with a possible extension to the 27th Falgun if it’s not fully subscribed. Initially, 2,67,000 shares were issued to Nepalese citizens working abroad, and 9,30,000 shares were allocated to locals affected by industry or mine excavation. Only 2,48,470 of these shares were taken up. Consequently, the remaining 4,87,910 shares from the project-affected locals are combined with 6,81,530 shares, totaling 30,84,530 units available for the general public.



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