Sathi haruuuu Sip lai k garni hola


  1. Paisa nabhaye you can skip for couple of months but this is not the theory of SIP. It needs to be consistent. Ani SIP doesn’t give you an instant wealth. At least 20 years ta wait garnai parchha. Ani why not going for both stock and SIP? Malai chai worth it chha jasto lagchha hai SIP if you can do systematically.

  2. SIP is for long term and you can skip some months if you don’t have money.

    Rs 10 ma suru bhayeko Quant Active Fund aaile Rs 400+ bhayeko cha (in 20 years), that’s 4000%+ returns in 20 years.

    IMO, SIP is retirement plan. Stock ta badhyo ki bechna mann lagxa. Ani kinna/averaging garna ni dherai paisa lagxa.


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