Suggest me some Multibaggers for Long -Term investment

Hello guys , lets discuss about some good dividend yielding companies with good growth for future investment .
Lets not miss this perfect buying time

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  1. If an investment vehicle does a 10x in 10years, that is a 25% returns per year compounded. I saw a youtube video that listed 6 stocks on the nepse that performed better than this over a 10-year period-with Salt trading at a whoping 68%.

    This would make Salt trading a 160x in a 10-yr period! A 160 bagger!

    Here is the link.

    5.46 minutes into the video you will see the spreadsheet of the 6 companies listed with returns over 25%.

    Can the data be accurate?

  2. In this current economy of our country, and future prospects (given the information we have at hand), there is no multi-bagger scrip for long term investment.

    Having said that, API, maybe, with their interest in investment in Hydrogen Fuel generation, might be interesting to watch. How they will structure the venture – whether they will spin off a new (sister) company or have it under API itself – is not clear.

  3. Life insurance

    See I used to be insurance agent myself so I know the space. And I think some life insurance companies will definitely be the a multi bagger. There is a lot more growth still to come in life insurance in our country, last I check about 15% of the population have insurance policy so I think business will easily double in some years especially now with more new companies entering the market.

    One stock I know 100% will be a multi bagger is is sjlic.
    Solid balance sheet, good core business and their customers are happy. Two of the best new insurance companies merged to become sjlic too. Both Surya and Jyoti life were considered amazing companies now they are one.

    I used to be Nepal life and licn agent and let me tell you nlic is shit. Their customer service is dead last time I checked, balance sheet makes shareholders and their earnings super diluted. Licn and nlic are on the same boat. They don’t care enough about their customers because they have been in business so long they hold most of the policies. But now things are changing as they have newer competition.

    Sjlic completely different in this they have good policies that are actually profitable to the customers, they offer “Jyoti cares” card to policy holders which can be used to get discounts in hospitals, restaurant and hotels, like with credit card discounts from banks.this is something even other insurance companies dont offer so you can see why more people will buy policies from them. And in terms of their performance they have been the best among the newer insurance companies growing so much in such a small time. Also agents have told me it’s very easy and profitable to work with them too. More happy agents means more business.

    I think soon most new insurers will be going to sjlic. I think they will be nabil of life insurance soon enough I have no doubt about this.

    Another one I’ll mention is pli, they are not the best performers but they do also have good service and good relationship with their agents. But more importantly they will now stand out as they will have a vested interest from two large banks Prabhu bank and investment bank (who are promoters of mahalaxmi life who is merging with pli soon.), Also I believe Siddharth bank promoters are also investors of mahalaxmi life so might be three banks, this is Something other insurance don’t have. (They will get a lot of business from banks that is why I mentioned it)

    I’ll add a disclaimer I have a lot invested in sjlic and intend to buy even more if it goes near 450.


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