Trading guild (any one interested?)


  1. Bro if u have spare change of 500-600 crore then yh let’s do it. Let’s say nabil daily average turnover is around 10 crore. Then let’s say u prolly need twice the daily average turnover amount to increase demand which is 20 crore. One day is not enough to keep the market pumping let’s say do it across 1 month of 22 days of market open so u need around 22*20 = 440 crores per month to pump the market. 440 telegram group members cha bhne sabailai 1 crore niklane bhne handium kta ho. 😁😅 low share issue cha bhne better agadi nai thorai thorai everyday kinyo ani ekai choti kinyo big volume demand handinyo market circuit ma jncha bheda haru le ni join garcha 1 week lagatar circuit handine and dump garne 1 week pachi lol.

  2. Ahile ko market vaneko 500_600 index updown ko swing market ho. Until and unless demand side becomes sound. I mean smooth credit flow market ma nahuda samma 1900 tira bata accumulation garne ho 2150 tira bata sell garne ho. Don’t listen to anyone. Aafno analysis garum kuro bujhum


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