What is the most common style of trading in NEPSE?

Day trading ra scalp trading ta hudaina hola (coz share kineko afno khata ma aunai days lagxa (or so I’ve heard))

Swing trading ra Position trading matra ho Nepali retail-trader haru le garne?

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  1. Nepal follow trading style which none follow. Many follow “broker le bhane ko” style. if broke say buy – buy, broker say sell – sell.

    About a year ago, during bhadra one of the broker were saying big players were exiting. though there was up and down swing ultimately this is what happened.

    Before money was tighten, there was udharo ma trading. you get collateral based on 4x of cheque amount. if you put 1lakh cheque, you get 10lakh in account. and cheque wasn’t cashed by broker. people were literally trading with no money and with 0 interest. it was settled by selling at high point.

    now if anyone tries to put TA on this he/she is literally LARP as analyst.


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