Citizens Bank Q2 Report: Profits Dip 6.96%, Challenges Emerge

Citizens Bank International Limited (CZBIL) has disclosed its financial performance for the second quarter of fiscal year 2080/81, revealing a 6.96% decline in net profit to Rs 78.27 Crores. The bank’s total paid-up capital is reported at Rs. 14.20 Arba, with reserves amounting to Rs. 6.77 Arba. However, retained earnings have recorded a negative value of Rs 21.3 Crores.

During the mentioned quarter, the bank experienced a significant increase in total deposits, reaching Rs 1.75 Kharba, while loans and advances to customers reached Rs 1.48 Kharba. Despite a marginal 0.21% decrease, the Net Interest Income remained substantial at Rs. 2.83 Arba. However, the bank faced challenges with personnel expenses amounting to Rs. 93.01 Crores and impairment charges of Rs. 85.95 Crores.

In terms of financial metrics, the second quarter reported an annualized EPS of Rs 11.02, and the net worth per share stood at Rs 146.20. However, CZBIL grapples with a spike in Non-Performing Loans (NPL) to 4.07%. Additionally, the revelation of a negative distributable profit of Rs. 21.30 Crores adds a significant dimension to CZBIL’s financial narrative during this period.

Examining specific figures, the paid-up capital remained constant at Rs. 14,200,974.01, and reserves witnessed a 14.52% increase to 6,774,208.15. Deposits showed a notable 4.13% rise to Rs 175,808,073.73, while loans and advances increased by 6.06% to Rs 148,304,167.36. Net Interest Income experienced a marginal decrease of 0.21% but remained substantial at Rs. 2.83 Arba. Personnel expenses and impairment charges were reported at Rs. 930.18 Crores and Rs. 859.50 Crores, respectively.

The operating profit for the quarter was Rs 1,086,454.06, reflecting an 8.85% decrease, and the net profit stood at Rs 782,784.84, representing a 6.96% decline. Furthermore, the disclosure of a negative distributable profit of Rs. 21.30 Crores underscores the financial challenges faced by CZBIL. The capital adequacy ratio is reported at 13.00%, showing an increase from the previous year. The Cost of Fund decreased by 15.73% to 7.77%. The NPL percentage increased significantly by 36.12%, reaching 4.07%. The Qtr end PE Ratio stands at 15.61 times, and the Qtr End Market Price is reported at 172.1.


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