Laxmi Sunrise Bank Q2 Report: Modest Profit Dip Amidst Impressive Growth and NPL Concerns

Laxmi Sunrise Bank Limited (LSL) has shared its financial results for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2080/81, reporting a small 1.66% decrease in net profit to Rs. 1.05 Arba compared to the same period last fiscal year when it earned Rs. 1.07 Arba.

The bank showcased positive growth with a remarkable 104.66% increase in net interest income, reaching Rs. 5.65 Arba, and operating profits rising to Rs. 1.44 Arba for the corresponding period. However, loans and advances saw a slight 0.07% decrease, while customer deposits increased by almost 4.84% to Rs. 3.1 Kharba. Notably, impairment charges surged significantly by 376.87%, totaling Rs. 2.73 Arba in Q2 of FY 2080/81.

For the fiscal year, LSL reported an annualized earnings per share (EPS) of Rs. 9.14, and the net worth per share was Rs. 166.62. A concern arises as Non-Performing Loans (NPL) saw a substantial 199.36% increase, reaching 4.67% in the second quarter, a significant jump from the 1.56% recorded in the same period last fiscal year.

LSL reported negative distributable profits of Rs. 81.18 Crores, while maintaining a paid-up capital of Rs. 23.18 Arba and reserves and surplus amounting to Rs. 16.26 Arba in Q2 of FY 2080/81. Specific figures show an increase of 7.00% in paid-up capital to Rs. 23,187,155.00, a decline of 146.97% in retained earnings to -811,864.00, and a 9.67% increase in reserves to 16,260,042.00. Deposits rose by 4.84% to Rs. 310,591,321.00, and loans and advances experienced a marginal decrease of 0.07% to Rs. 247,691,314.00. Net Interest Income increased significantly by 104.66% to Rs. 5,658,331.00. Personnel expenses and impairment charges were reported at Rs. 1,802,336.00 and Rs. 2,732,609.00, respectively.

The operating profit for the quarter was Rs. 1,445,052.00, reflecting a 3.22% decrease, and the net profit stood at Rs. 1,059,210.00, representing a 1.66% decline. The capital adequacy ratio is reported at 12.67%, showing a slight decrease from the previous year. The Cost of Fund decreased by 14.59% to 7.61%. The NPL percentage increased significantly by 199.36%, reaching 4.67%. The Qtr end PE Ratio stands at 19.06 times.


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