Finance Minister Optimistic About 6% Economic Growth and Library Society’s Challenges Addressed at Annual Meeting

Finance Minister Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat expressed optimism about achieving a 6% economic growth rate, attributing it to the gradual recovery of the country’s economy. Speaking at the 20th annual general meeting of the Kathmandu Valley Public Library Society at Bhrikutimandap, Minister Mahat highlighted positive signs such as the increasing number of tourists, rising remittances, growing share prices, enhanced revenue, and overall economic activities.

Minister Mahat underscored the successful resolution of budget anomalies through the implementation of a budget allocation system based on guaranteed resources in multi-year projects. He also noted a decline in bank interest rates, signaling a positive economic trend. The Finance Minister credited the improvement in the budget system for curbing the tendency to exceed budget allocations outlined in the budget Red Book.

Dr. Narayan Khadka, the President of the Society, emphasized the significance of prioritizing libraries as hubs of knowledge, information, and national history. However, he expressed concerns about reduced government funding, the absence of a dedicated land plot for the library building, and increased rent imposed by the Social Welfare Council.

During the event, Mahesh Agrawal and Tirtha Raj Onta were honored by the Society. The library, established in 2003, attracts more than 30,000 visitors annually and has 2,400 annual members. The Society has managed the library since 2005, amassing 37,614 donated books and acquiring 4,351 books through purchases.

In a collaborative effort, Prof. Dr. Bhagawat Dhakal, Chief of Balmeeki Vidyapeeth, proposed allocating land to jointly construct the library building, addressing the budget constraints faced by the Vidyapeeth.


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