Gold Prices Experience a Significant Drop of Rs. 1,300 per Tola, Silver Rates Decline as Well

Today, the price of gold saw a decline of Rs. 1,300 per tola. As reported by the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association’s official website, the current value of fine gold is Rs. 1,20,700 per tola, showing a decrease from yesterday’s rate of Rs. 1,22,000 per tola. Similarly, Tejabi gold is being traded at Rs. 1,20,100 today, marking a reduction of Rs. 1,300 per tola compared to its previous price of Rs. 1,21,400 per tola.

Just one day ago, on December 28, 2023, fine gold had achieved a historic high of Rs. 1,22,000 per tola, while Tejabi gold had reached Rs. 1,21,400, establishing a record at that time.

In addition to the gold fluctuations, the price of silver has also undergone a decrease of Rs. 35 per tola. The current market rate for silver is Rs. 1,455 per tola, down from yesterday’s closing rate of Rs. 1,490 per tola.


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