Meroshare must have a feature to cancel the verified IPO application till the IPO closing date.

Edit :- Sorry the previous post accidentally got deleted so I cannot see your comments.

Sorry if I am unaware of the feature to cancel the IPO application & if we can cancel IPO application than can you tell me how?

Secondary market ma trade huna thale pachi ta price increase vaye halxa vanera so profit book garera nikli halne ho vanera maile GHORAHI Cement ko IPO vareko theya malai yo long term ko lagi ta ramro company hola jasto suru mai lageko thena but aile IPO oversubscribed vako data haru aaye rakhda ne yesle IPO fill garne time thap gareko xa jasko matlab ke yo company ko promoters harule General Public laai ullu banauna ko lagi dherai accounts bata maximum quantity ma IPO application deye without having any money in the bank jasle garda IPO application afai reject hunxa but data ma chai IPO oversubscribed vako dekhinxa.

Ani General public le ta IPO oversubscribe vako post haru social media ma dekhi pachi IPO varne soch banauxa. malai aba ta mero poisa fix dubyo jastai lagi rako xa.

meroshare ma or kunai tarika le IPO ko application cancel garna milxa vane vandinu or cdsc le yo ghorahi cement ko IPO close hunu vanda agi nai meroshare mai IPO application cancel garne feature add garnu parxa.


EDIT : I just wrote an email to cdsc hope they cancel my IPO application.

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  1. Haha…. having the feature to cancel the verified IPO application would make the problem worse…….First day ma tannai bharne oversubscribed dekhauna ani pachi cancel gardine….cdsc ma verified data matra dekhae problem solve bhai halyo ni….

    Regarding your money…its not gone anywhere…its still in your bank account…freeze bhako matra ho

  2. Come on. One day, ou decide to invest on a company. You fill out the form and submit it to CDSC. Right after this, you want to cancel it. Make up your mind before investing in somewhere. What if you bought a stock for rupees 600 in secondary market and then it starts plummeting down? It’s a transaction, you cannot get your money back unless you sell it. Will you ask for compensation?

    If the company gets liquidated, investors are the one who gets the shares last if anything remains after selling scrapes. You don’t understand the risks of investing, do you?

    In case of Ghorahi cement, the investigation is on. You are still earning interest on your bank account as that amount has only become lien. If the IPO gets rejected, the amount will be freed up. You won’t be an investor of the company. Let SEBON decide the fate of the company.

  3. Ghorahi ta yo sub ma pani nabhara bhanera kati jana le bhani pani raako thyo ta. Tesaile first ma company ko baare ma yeso research garne garnu bhanxu ma, tei pani tetro premium mulya xa yesko. I hope ki yesko kehi samadhan hunxa hola, next time dekhi dhyan deu.

  4. Is it verified? If not verified, edit your application to amount greater than your bank account. In case of insufficient balance it will be rejected.

    If verified, then I don’t think there is any options in meroshare for this.


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