Among the following Hydropower, IPO which one is worth holding and which one is worth selling in your opinion?


  1. The hydro sector in itself is highly volatile with reference to NEPSE. If you are thinking of short-term to mid-term, you could hold these stocks since they are IPOs as you mentioned. You won’t be losing anything (not talking time value of money here) until and unless it goes below face value. Once NEPSE starts moving up, these sectors will go up rapidly and vice versa.

    But since in the current market, even the fundamentally strong companies came to a fair price. If you are thinking to square off your IPOs position and rotating your money to these companies, it would be a wise decision especially since these companies will be declaring dividends soon.

  2. Hidcl is investment company like nifra, (there was rumor of merger).
    Not very optimistic as they don’t know what to do with money and are invested in FD. Hopefully, they will invest in other infrastructure project.

    API, AHPC , AKPL are have similar promotors if not same. API also has solar grid. These 3 are also good hydros.


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